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Erogenous Zones!
The art of being great at sex, rather than good at sex, is all in the subtleties. And one of those subtleties is stimulating your partnerís erogenous zones. Weíll start at the top and work our way down the body covering those all important areas and giving you a few tips and techniques on how to use them to your advantage.

10. Hair

Whether you are male or female, there are two ways to utilise your partnerís hair for sensual stimulation. Playing with someoneís hair or stroking it is a very caring and intimate gesture that makes us feel loved and safe. Alternatively running your fingers through your partnerís hair and gripping it in your hand, then pulling it a little in a firm short movement not only feels great but communicates your desire too.

9. Face

The obvious focus is on the lips. Itís a great idea to mix up your kisses Ė alternate between delicate kisses and those with more vigour, change the angle of your head from left to right and vice versa, and pause from kissing to gently grip your partnerís lower lip in your teeth and carefully tug it.

While lips are important the rest of the face is also waiting for your attention. So make sure you donít just kiss the lips but also the cheeks, eyelids, and forehead.

8. Neck and Ears

There is not a single area of the neck that doesnít feel amazing when kissed, lightly licked or nibbled. Start at the nape (back) of the neck Ėlifting up any hair for maximum exposure of this area. Plant a trail of soft, slow kisses from the top of the spine up to the hairline. Then move around to the side of the neck, paying particular attention to the area where the neck meets the shoulders and also the area just underneath the ears - let your kisses wander to your partnerís ear lobes too.

7. Breasts

The breasts are a well-known erogenous zone but tricky to get right. Both men and women can find stimulation in this area very arousing. A tip is to work from the outside in. Start by running your fingertips or lips very lightly over the breasts, using a variety of strokes and kisses. If after some gentle dedication your partnerís nipples become hard and erect, start using your tongue to circle around the areola (pink bit surrounding the nipple) before moving to the areola itself.

6. Back and Shoulders

Run your fingers up and down your partnerís spine while kissing from the tip of one shoulder across to the other. Then start to work your way down to the lower back with a mixture of kissing, licking and sucking. Pay special attention to the end of the spine, just above the buttocks. Kissing and licking here is an incredible turn on because it is extremely sensitive.

5. Hands and Arms

An often neglected erogenous zone, the beauty of targeting areas that are regularly avoided is that it feels amazing when they do suddenly get some attention. A key area to pay attention to here is the wrists. Tenderly kissing and licking the wrist and stopping for a gentle nibble on the meaty part between the wrist and the thumb will be a sensation your partner is unlikely to have encountered before. Other areas to target here include the underside of the arm where the forearm meets the upper arm; and the sensitive skin on the underside of the arm, just down from the armpit.

4. Stomach

A lot of people have insecurities about this area, so make sure you avoid grabbing, pinching or slapping the curvy bits! Try running your hands all over your partnerís stomach, from the ribs down to the pelvic bones, then using your fingertips, tease by stroking the hip bone to the top of the pubic region (but go no further) and back up again.

3. The Buttocks

The buttocks can be extremely sensitive and are a strong erogenous zone. Start at the top of the butt, along the line where the small of the back curves into butt (known as the sacral crease). Trace this area with your fingers and follow up with kisses, and then cover the buttocks in a mixture of light and firm kisses. Make sure you use your hands here too. Start with a light stroking or caressing massage but save the hard stuff, like firm squeezing or light spanking, until you have your partner well warmed up.

2. Legs

There are two, relatively obscure areas of seduction on the legs. Both of which might require a little trial and error to see if they are erogenous zones for your partner.

Firstly, the backs of the knees. The skin behind the knees is thin and soft and very responsive to touch because the nerves are close to the surface. So lightly kissing and licking in this area can be highly sensual.

Secondly, the feet. This is definitely a yes or no area for most. Start with a foot massage and then follow up with some oral stimulation. Trace the lines you have just covered with your massage with your tongue. Slip you tongue in between and around each toe before taking it in your mouth.

1. The Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are an incredibly erogenous zone because of the psychological tease of anticipating where you might head next.

The inner thighs are a highly sensitive spot so just the lightest touches will cause arousal. Keep your touches purely on the leg, as this will have your partner craving your touch even more. Make use of oral stimulation by licking up and down the inner thigh as a hot soft tongue feels amazing here. You could even use a small vibrating sex toy on this area to entice a different sensation.

Take the time to explore your partnerís body, experiment with possible erogenous zones and youíll know each otherís special places in no time!

Position of the Month!

The Hot Shower

Get steamy this winter and take a sensual shower with your partner. This position works best if you and your partner are a similar height Ė stand facing each other; the female should hug her partner as she wraps one leg around his waist. He should reach down and place his hand under her thigh to keep her stable as he penetrates her.

This is a great intimate position because you can gaze into each otherís eye and kiss passionately during intercourse.

To help make things go as Ďsmoothlyí as possible consider using a silicone based lube like Wet Platinum Premium Body Glide or Durex Play Tingling lubricant.
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