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Your Guide to Lubricant
The number of couples (and singles) who don’t indulge in getting slippery between the sheets is surprising; many people go lube free because they are not sure they need it, but it can be used to provide all sorts of below-the-belt pleasure. Whether you are masturbating, playing with sex toys or having intercourse. If you are one of those who needs a lubrication initiation, read on to find out how to choose the best one for you.

There are many different lubricants on the market, and it’s important to use the right one for the situation, since certain lubes disintegrate condoms or destroy sex toys.

Water-based Lubricant
Friction is a common issue when our ‘lock and keys’ aren’t a perfect fit and lubricant can intensify sensations, help prevent soreness, and reduce the risk of condom breakage. Water-based lube is the most widely available type of lubricant and is ideal for intercourse, solo play, use with sex toys and use with condoms.

Being water-based makes them easy to clean up, they do tend to dry up faster than other types of lubricant but can quickly be reactivated with saliva or water. Our Pick: Pjur Basic Lubricant, $24.99.

If you or your partner has sensitive skin then consider Yes water-based lubricant. It is certified organic so is made of only natural materials, meaning no irritating chemicals will come into contact with your skin.

Oil-based Lubricant
Oil-based lubricants can be great for masturbation and hand jobs because the thick silky texture lasts longer than a water-based lubricant. It’s also great for sex in water because it won’t be washed away. However, oil-based lubricant can’t be used with condoms or rubber sex toys because it breaks down the latex. It can also be a little difficult to clean up. Our Pick: Yes Oil-Based Lube 25mL, $15.95.

Silicone-based Lubricant
Silicone lubricant doesn’t have a water component so will never dry up. It always remains slick and silky feeling, so is perfect for intercourse with or without condoms. And like oil-based lubricant, it can’t be washed away so is perfect for indulging in the water - although this does mean it is also a little tricky to remove. This type of lubricant cannot be used with silicone sex toys because of silicone-on-silicone reactions. Our Pick: Pjur Original Bodyglide, from $24.99.

Warming and Tingling Lubricant
These lubes can really make an impact on both you and your partner; warming lubricants warm seductively on contact with the skin while tingling lubes are great for increasing sensitivity. Both are great for masturbation, hand jobs or intercourse and are condom safe. Our Pick: KY yours+mine couples lubricant, $29.95.

Flavoured Lubricant
A flavoured lubricant can make oral stimulation more pleasant for you or your partner. And with so many to choose from, you can go wherever your taste buds take you. The only thing to remember about flavoured lube is to avoid ones with sugar in them as these tend to induce yeast infections in women. Our Pick: Marquis – Strawberry 50mL, $9.95.

Lubricants for Anal Sex
When it comes to the back door, many are concerned about the thought of encountering difficulty or discomfort. So a good lube is important. Beginners might want to try a lube especially designed for the area which has a slight numbing effect. These lubricants are generally silicone-based so double check before using them with silicone sex toys. Our Pick: Pjur Analyse me! Relaxing Anal Glide, $24.99.

Lubricants with ‘Special Effects’
Just when you thought that there couldn’t be any more types of lubricant, there are some that are designed to have ‘special effects’ on the body; for example, prolonging his performance or stimulating her intimate area. These could be water-based, oil-based on silicone-based, so always check for compatibility before using with condoms or sex toys. Our Pick: Pjur Myglide, $39.99.

How to Use Lube
If you haven’t used lubricant before then here are some helpful tips for you. Place a ten cent piece sized drop of lube in your palms and rub together to warm it up. Slowly spread over your partner’s hot spot and let them do the same to you. If using condoms, place a drop in the tip of the condom before rolling it on to enhance his sensation. Then start slip, sliding away!

Position of the Month!

The Saddle Straddle

For this steamy sexual position the man sits on the floor with his legs loosely crossed and his arms stretched out behind him. The woman then climbs onto his lap and straddles him in a kneeling position, using his shoulders to lower herself onto his erect penis. Leaning close towards him, she can then control the timing and speed of movements.

A top tip is for the woman to mix things up by using both slow and shallow strokes to tease the supersensitive head of his penis, as well as deeper thrusts and circular motions.

This is a very intimate position because eye contact can be easily maintained throughout lovemaking.

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