At SG HQ we’re counting down the days until summer begins – only 40 to go! So with that in mind, this month we’re bringing you the lover’s guide to making the most of the great outdoors. Also, in this month’s newsletter you can find out about our prices freeze, grab a deal with our sale - where there's up to 50% off selected sex toys and lingerie; and be the first to see our fabulous new products. Plus, don’t miss our position of the month!

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Alfresco Sex
It’s only 40 days until summer officially begins – so in preparation, we thought we’d bring you the lover’s guide to making the most of the great outdoors. Keep reading below to see our selection of hot ideas for getting fresh in the fresh air.

Sex on the beach
If there’s a cocktail named after it, it must be happening. So how do you join the seaside sex revolution? Firstly I would suggest that you avoid the sand - that could be gritty. The weightlessness that comes from being in the water allows you to be more flexible. The great thing about in-ocean orgasms is that discretion is entirely possible. With a bikini bottom pulled to the side here, and a carefully positioned embrace there, you’ll be making inconspicuous pleasure waves in no time.

Getting car-nal
The car is one of the most popular places for couples to get amorous outside of the bedroom. And the main point to remember here? Don’t unleash your sex drive until the car is stationary. A bit of fellatio on the freeway might sound exciting but I think the authorities would deem this unsafe. Instead, find a secluded spot, park up and scramble into the back seat. Emily Dubberley, Sexpert author, suggests the following position; "She should be facing away from him, sitting on his lap with her knees either side of his thighs and clutching the seats in front of her while she bounces up and down. This position lets her control the depth and speed of the thrusts."

Fornicating amongst the fauna
We’re a nation of tramp-loving, ecofleece-wearing, nature adventurists, so finding an opportunity to get frisky in the forest should be easy. But why is it that rooting amongst the...well...roots...is so appealing? Being out in the middle of nowhere and getting passionate on the forest floor is incredibly invigorating. The fresh, clean air energizes us and, as a result, raises our libidos. This makes for some frantic, head-rush-inducing sex.

All the way in an alleyway
For those occasions when you just don’t think you can wait until you get home. Imagine it, you’re bumping and grinding with your partner on the dance floor, when it occurs to you that your clothes are most definitely getting in the way. Duck outside, and scope out the nearest, uninhabited, dark alley. There is essentially only one position that will work in this location. Make sure the female is pushed firmly against the wall and has one leg planted and the other leg wrapped around the male’s waist. And move quickly because a drunk, vagrant or security guard is likely to turn that corner at any moment.

And there you have it, four places for you and your lover to fool around in the great outdoors – enjoy!

Position of the Month!
In Deep Water

If you do find yourselves in deep water and feeling frisky then this is the position for you. In chest-high water and stand face-to-face. The female should hold on to the male’s shoulders as she jumps up and wraps her legs tightly around his thighs. He should cradle her butt with both hands and keep her propped up as he enters her. The water will make her weightless so she can easily glide back and forth.

The position should be discreet enough for your not to get caught and you’ll experience the thrill of being naughty outside.

Top tip: slip the bikini bottoms to one side rather than removing them – the last thing you want is them floating off never to be seen again!

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