We often get a very appreciative response to our information-based newsletters.
And a lot of you (both men and women) have indicated that you’d like to know more about the infamous female g-spot. You asked. And now we’ve delivered. So make sure your boss isn’t looking and take the time to read though this insightful (we hope) exposé on one of the hardest female sexual areas to expose!

So what is it?
The G spot is an area about two or three inches inside the vagina, on the front wall, close to the pubic bone. With the right technique and a bit of trial and error, it can provide lots and lots of pleasure for women including orgasm, multiple orgasms and female ejaculation.

What does it feel like?
You know you have found the G-spot when you come across a bumpy, ridged area about one inch in diameter. The more turned on she is, the easier it will be to find because when a woman is aroused, her G-spot gets larger and overlaps into the vaginal canal.

It is remarkably difficult for women to reach g-spot orgasm through intercourse alone.
In fact, according to Gabrielle Moore, author of The G-Spot Code, as few as 20% of women achieve g-spot satisfaction this way. If you have struggled to reach g-spot orgasm via penetrative sex, it might be time to switch to using a finger or toy and follow the simple steps below:

There are two positions that are most successful for g-spot pleasure. Some women find doggy style the most effective as this position pushes the G-spot slightly further out into the vagina, making it easier to find and stimulate. Others get the best results from the missionary position. If you choose to adopt missionary position it is best if you can tilt your hips as far up as they can go to open up the best access to the g-spot. You may need to place a pillow under your bottom to help this.

If you are using your thumb or finger make sure you have it relaxed and slightly bent. Most importantly – cut your finger nails so it’s comfortable for her and you don’t tear the fragile tissue of the inner vagina. Sometimes a finger might be too short. If you are finding manual stimulation unsatisfactory then a toy might be your best option. Toys designed for g-spot stimulation are characterized by their curved tip – shaped almost like a hockey stick, designed to hook right into the g-spot. Then, you just need to decide if you prefer vibrating or non-vibrating.

Foreplay! It cannot even be put into words how important it is to foreplay for at least 10-15 minutes before you start to go near the g-spot. This could be kissing, touching, caressing...enjoying some erotic massage. Whatever gets your partner excited, the time spent on foreplay is crucial for sexual arousal. Without foreplay, the sexual organs (particularly hers!) will not engorge with blood and touching the g-spot can be uncomfortable or even painful.

When she is ready, enter her with your finger or toy. If she is in doggy position you’ll want the curve of your finger or toy pointed downwards, if missionary, you’ll need to point it upwards. Just remember to always have the curve headed towards her stomach, not her back. If using a finger or dildo, rub the g-spot back and forth. Only a deep, firm massage will work. If using a vibrating toy, slowly build up to a moderate speed and then keep it constant – the g-spot is not a fan of fluctuating pressure.

When a woman’s g-spot is being stroked, she may feel the need to clench her PC muscles (the muscles that you squeeze to stop urine flow). It is important that she avoid doing this. The best combination for achieving g-spot orgasm is firm, steady pressure and keeping the PC muscles relaxed – particularly if your aim is female ejaculation. As pleasure builds during G-spot massage, a woman will feel the sensation of needing to pee. If you have emptied your bladder before beginning (a good idea!) then you should just let this misleading feeling go and slowly the discomfort will change into unbelievable waves of pleasure.

And there you have it!
Achieving g-spot orgasm can be a frustrating journey but the destination is well worth reaching. Once you and your partner have accomplished this sexual achievement – pat yourselves on the back – and then have another go!

Take care,

Sarah and the SG Team.

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