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Form 4 By Jimmyjane

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Form 4 By Jimmyjane


The best-selling, award-winning and world-wide acclaimed Jimmyjane has finally landed in New Zealand.

Order the toys named the most innovative, powerful and mind-blowing in the world – ONLY at and join millions of people experiencing heightened and delicious pleasure.

Jimmyjane has been redefining the way people experience sex toys since 1994 and hailing from the tech capital of the world, San Francisco, they encourage exploration and allow complete personal interpretation of their products – there are no rules!

Jimmyjane’s award accolades read like a who’s who of the Academy Awards and with appearances in some of the most influential publications in the world (Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health) and an A-list following, including Kate Moss and Dita Von Teese, you know you’re in good company.

The Pleasure Team is working exclusively with Jimmyjane to ensure the best of what they have to offer available for lover’s looking for the next adventure.


A sex toy with many hidden talents. The tough exterior and powerful settings might have you fooled, but the Form 4 is flexible, adaptable and perfect for couples looking to play together or for some downtime alone.

The Form 4 is known for its power and ability to hot every sweetspot – the Gspot, the clitoris and anywhere else you desire. • Body-Safe – Medical grade, phthalate-free platinum silicone and stainless steel
• Exceptional Power – an oversized motor in the insertable end
• Flexible Shape – adapts to your body for G-spot, internal and clitoral stimulation
• Intuitive Controls – 4 vibration modes, 5 power levels
• Waterproof – Bath-friendly and completely washable with no leaky adaptor jack
• Cordless Recharging – Simply place it on the charging base
• Travel-Ready – Good to go with convenient button lock
• High Performance Lithium Ion Battery – Runs over 4 hours on single charge 4

Where will your adventure take you?
If you have any questions about Jimmyjane, contact our Pleasure Team on

Material: Body-safe, Phthalate-free Silicone
Batteries: Rechargeable
Size: 3.25 x 2.0 Inches at widest point.

Lubricant most recommended with these sex toys:

Top tips for using this sex toy: This design offers the perfect balance of Power & Flex. Though strong and firm, it also has a bit of give – just like a good partner. While the shape adapts to your body, the over-sized motor provides exceptional power, exactly where you want it most.


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