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Dance Pole by Fetish Fantasy

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Dance Pole by Fetish Fantasy


Here is your chance - turn your bedroom or living room into your very own private dance stage with the fetish fantasy series fantasy dance pole.

You are the star and your room is the stage for you to act out your most erotic dance pole fantasies! with the fantasy pole set up in the comfort of your home, you can perform intimate, one-on-one private striptease sessions for you and your lover to enjoy.
You will both love how easy-to-use the pole is, and with practice, you will be moving seductively and twirling around the pole in no time.

The height of the pole is fully adjustable and includes everything you need to instantly transform any room in your home into your private fantasy dance studio. Put on an incredible performance, try new moves and enjoy new positions you never thought you could pull off. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination and your inhibitions!

Includes: pole, mounting bracket, 4 screws, 4 washers


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