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Icicles No 13 Glass Plug

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Icicles No 13 Glass Plug


This luxurious glass butt plug is intricately handcrafted with special attention to detail and design.

Shaped to reach and massage the prostate for amazing stimulation, the plug can also be cooled or warmed in water to deliver incredible new sensations! Non-porous and body safe, this plug is as durable as it is pleasurable.

Material: Glass
Size: 6.5" length

Lubricant most recommended with these sex toys: Durex Play Feel Lubricant - 50ml

Top tips for using this sex toy: Once you can insert your plug all the way with comfort, and you have some control over it staying in, you can explore other sex acts while having a butt plug in place.
Many people report that having an orgasm with a butt plug really increases the intensity of the orgasm and their body awareness during orgasm.


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