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Icicles No 14 Glass Plug

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Icicles No 14 Glass Plug


Enjoy the smooth, sensual sensations of this amazing glass plug! Hand-crafted with incredible attention to detail, this plug features a sleek and seamless design that is sure to satisfy.

The non-porous body safe glass is hand-blown into a slightly curved plug that comes to a rounded tip for precise anal stimulation right where you want it! Experiment with temperature play by placing the plug in hot or cold water before use for exciting new sensations.

Size: 5.5" length and 8.5" circumference at its widest point.

Lubricant most recommended with these sex toys: Probe Thin 250ml

Top tips for using this sex toy: Start slowly using your butt plug for penetration. Remember not to force it in, but instead press it against your body and relax, breathe, and bare down a bit until you can feel your sphincter muscles relax and the butt plug slips in.


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