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Mighty Man Trigger Pump

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Mighty Man Trigger Pump


Penis pumps are a great way to get ready for any naughty occasion where you want to ensure top performance. With regular use of this pump, you will increase the length of your erect penis and you'll be able to stay harder for longer - this means more pleasure for you and your partner.

To ensure maximum comfort while using this sex toy the cylinder has a soft clear sleeve at the base. the pump itself has an easy to use design and a quick-release button.

Size: 7" length and 2" diameter opening

Lubricant most recommended with these sex toys: Probe Thin 75ml

Top tips for using this sex toy: To use this penis pump to its full potential, SG recommends lubricating the soft ring that fits around the base of the main tube with a water based lubricant before sliding the penis into the tube and holding it tightly against your body to form a seal. As with any pump, take care not to over pump as blood vessels can rupture.


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