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Swan Adore Beauty

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Swan Adore Beauty


Open up your heart (or whatever else you fancy!) to the Swan Premium Adore Beauty Rechargeable Vibrator.

You will 'adore' this vibe for many reasons, one being its pretty bunny clitoral attachment. The seductive dual-stimulating ears animate the body with an alluring charm.

With transparent seams and a beautifully silicone-coated body that feels soft on the skin, the Swan Premium Adore Beauty Rechargeable Vibrator stands out with glamour and grace.

The completely rechargeable, wireless device lets your mind wander in passionate and unrestrained bliss. The Swan Premium Adore Beauty Rechargeable Vibrator completely encompasses all demands for sexual pleasure with dual-action rotation and vibration features.

Powered by PowerBullet, the vibrator rejoices in the magnificent "Press and Hold" technology. The luminous vibe sends waves of delightful feelings while giving you all the control you need to master the speed and intensity of your orgasm.

The Swan Premium Adore Beauty Rechargeable Vibrator stands on a gorgeous charging stand and teases your eyes with its wondrous and 100 percent silicone curves.The water resistant body releases all inhibitions and takes you to an unfathomable pleasure.

The vibrator's radiant rechargeable stand allows you to maintain your product in comfort and ease. Its slender body stays intact and safely away from damage while charging.

Sometimes, you need to give yourself permission to delight yourself with expensive pleasure. Fall in love with the Swan Premium Adore Beauty Rechargeable Vibrator

Please note: All Swans are sent from the factory on "lock" mode so you will need to read the instructions for first time use.

Material: 100 percent silicone
Batteries: rechargable
Size: 8 inches in length

Lubricant most recommended with these sex toys: Durex 2 in 1 Massage Lubricant

Top tips for using this sex toy: Rabbit vibrators needn't be a solo masturbation toy! If looking to buy sex toys for use with a partner be open to allowing him to use it on you. Or use it on yourself and allow him to watch you moan in pleasure-filled agony


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